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Falls Filtration

Falls Filtration

Formerly Air Maze Corporation, Falls Filtration manufactures air and liquid filtration elements and housings designed to protect equipment and machinery from environmental contaminates and in some cases, protects the environment from machine generated contamination including blowers, compressors, turbines, vacuum pumps, mobile and military equipment.

Replacement Air Filters

Air Filter Cartridges

  • Pleated Cellulose
  • Pleated Synthetic PDF
  • Pleated & Cylindrical Stainless Wire Cloth PDF

Filter Panels

  • Pleated Cellulose PDF
  • Pleated Synthetic PDF
  • Pleated Steel PDF

Filter Breathers

Low Flow Capacity (0 – 40 CFM)

  • Covered Breathers PDF
  • Open Style Breathers PDF

High Flow Capacity (20 - 200 CFM)

  • Covered Breathers PDF
  • Open Style Breathers PDF
  • Breathers with Silencers PDF

Pneumatic Silencers

Low Flow Capacity (0 – 20 CFM)

  • Open Style Mufflers PDF

Air Intake Filters

Low Flow Capacity (0 – 6,000 CFM)

High Flow Capacity (400 – 60,000 CFM)

In-Line Air Filters

Oil Mist Eliminators

Vacuum Pump Smoke Eliminators

  • Open Circuit (Hooded) PDF
  • Closed Circuit (In-Line) PDF

Miscellaneous Other Filters

Liquid & Automatic Filters

  • Liquid Duplex Filters PDF
  • Automatic Panel Intake Filters PDF

Graver Filtration

Graver Filtration

Formerly Consler Corp., Graver manufacturers a line of standard as well as custom industrial air and process gas filters and coalescers for Chemical Process, Natural Gas, Power Generation, Specialty Gas and Oil Refining. They offer a broad range of sewn end/radial finned elements that offer versatility to meet most process conditions as well as traditional pleated and coalescing elements.

Graver Introduction

Overview of Industries and Product Offering

  • Industrial Filtration Products PDF

Replacement Air Filter Elements

Conventional Filter Elements

  • Radial Fin Design PDF
  • Heavy Duty Panel Filters PDF
  • Turbine Intake Style PDF
  • Custom/OEM Design PDF

Adsorbent Elements

  • PLEKX Adsorbent PDF

Gas Coalescers

Air Intake Filter Assemblies

Weatherhood Covered Cylindrical Style

  • Standard Design Housings PDF
  • Upgrade Design with Silencer PDF
  • Replacement Elements PDF

Closed Circuit Cylindrical Style

  • In-Line Filter Design Housings PDF
  • Replacement Elements PDF

Weatherhood Covered Panel House Style

  • Single Stage Assemblies PDF
  • Dual Stage Assemblies PDF
  • Replacement Elements PDF

Compressed Air & Gas Separation

Solid Particle Filtration

  • Filter Housings PDF
  • Replacement Elements PDF

Coalescing Separators

  • Low Psi Coalescer Housings  PDF
  • High Psi Coalescer Housings  PDF
  • Replacement Elements

Vacuum Service Separations

In-Line Particle Filters

  • Filter Housings  PDF
  • Replacement Elements  PDF

Exhaust Coalescers

  • Filter Housings PDF
  • Replacement Elements PDF

Special Purpose Filtration

Catalyst Recovery Filter Elements

  • Nitric Acid Service PDF

Pulse Jet Filter System

  • Process Gas & Vents PDF

Gusmer Enterprises

Gusmer Enterprises

Formerly Cellulo Corp., Gusmer is a manufacturer of unique, highly efficient cellulose, diatomaceous earth and carbon blend media in sheet form for plate & frame filters or in stacked lenticular disc cartridge form for enclosed filter housings of fine filtration in industrial and critical aseptic processes. To augment this product, they also offer cellulose fiber filter aid, filter housings, Seitto™ brand lab scale test filter devices and plate & frame filter presses.

Gusmer Filtration Introduction

Overview of Industries and Products

  • Process Filtration & Applications Overview PDF

Industrial Grade Filtration Products

Pre-Cut Filter Sheets & Stacked Disc Cartridges

  • Utility Grade Sheets & Cartridges PDF

Bulk Fibers

  • Cellulose Fiber Filter Aids PDF

Filter Presses & Housings

  • Plate & Frame Presses PDF
  • Lenticular Disc Cartridge Housings PDF

High Purity Filtration Products

Pre-Cut Filter Sheets & Stacked Disc Cartridges

  • Cellulose Blend Sheets PDF
  • Cellulose + DE Blend Sheets PDF
  • Special Blend Food & Beverage Sheets PDF
  • Cellulose Blend Sheets PDF
  • Crystalline Silica Free sheets PDF
  • Carbon Composite sheets PDF
  • Lenticular Stacked Disc Cartridges PDF

Bulk Fibers

  • Cellulose Fiber Filter Aids PDF

Filter Presses & Housings

  • Plate & Frame Presses PDF
  • Lenticular Disc Cartridge Housings PDF
  • Laboratory Bench Scale Test Housings PDF

Ancillary Products

Sorbent Spill Protection & Clean-up

  • Sorbent Pads PDF

Hilliard Corporation

Hilliard Corp.

Manufacturer of Hilco™ brand liquid filtration cartridges, housings and turnkey packaged systems designed to solve complex contamination issues in lubricating oil, hydraulic fluid, quench fluids, dielectric oil, industrial coolants, cutting oils, heat transfer oil, seal oil and most industrial work fluids.

Replacement Filter Cartridges

Cartridge Overview

  • Hilco Filter Cartridge Overview PDF

Solids Particulate Removal

  • Pleated Cellulose PDF
  • Pleated Synthetic PDF
  • Stainless Wire Cloth
  • Coreless PDF
  • Stacked Disc PDF
  • High Dirt Loading PDF

Moisture Conditioning

  • Pleated Sorbent PDF
  • Liquid/Liquid Coalescing PDF

Acid Scavenging

  • Fullers Earth PDF
  • Activated Alumina PDF
  • Selexsorb PDF
  • Ionic Resin PDF

Varnish Mitigation

  • Hilite E Resin PDF
  • Dry Ionic Resin PDF

Static Discharge Elimination

  • Conductive Media PDF
  • Conductive Time Released Agent PDF

Filter Housings

Simplex Housings

  • Simplex Cartridge Filter Housing Designs PDF
  • Multi-Cartridge Filter Housings

Valved Duplex Arrangements

  • Duplex Cartridge Filter Housing Designs PDF

Multiplex Housing Arrangements

  • Multiplex Filter Housing Designs PDF
  • Seal Gas Filters PDF

Application Specific Turnkey Filter Systems

Products Overview

  • Hilco Filtration Division Products Overview PDF

Basic Filters with Pumps

  • Stationary Filters with Pumpsets PDF
  • Portable & Mobile Systems PDF

Moisture Removal from Oil

  • Sorbent Dryer Filter Systems PDF
  • Vacuum Dehydration Oil Reclaimers PDF
  • Coalescing Separator Systems PDF

Acid & Varnish Removal

  • Fluid Conditioning Systems PDF

Metal Working Coolant Systems

  • Coolant Recovery Systems PDF
  • High Pressure Coolant Delivery Systems PDF
  • Coolant Mist Collectors PDF

Static & Blower Assisted Oil Mist Eliminators

  • Crankcase & Reservoir Emissions PDF
  • Heat Treat Furnace Exhaust PDF
  • Vacuum Pump Exhaust PDF

Engineered Systems

  • Crossflow UF Ceramic Membrane Systems PDF
  • Customized Turnkey Skid Packages PDF
  • Gas Conditioning Skids for Oil & Gas
  • Blowback Strainers for Oil & Gas
  • Seal Gas Coalescing Systems for Oil & Gas
  • Lube Management Rack Systems
  • Stackable Tank Systems
  • Mobile Filter Systems

Transfer Valves

Transfer Valve Overview

  • Hilco Transfer Valve Overview PDF

Single Valve Design

  • Same Side, 6-Port Design PDF
  • Straight Through, 6-Port Design PDF
  • Zero Leak & Gas PDF

Split Valve Design

  • Double 3-way (Split) Design PDF

Custom Porting

Press Filters

Plate & Frame Filters

  • Bench Top Filters PDF
  • Pilot Scale Filters PDF
  • Production Scale Filters PDF
  • Replacement Filter Pads & Sheets PDF

Recess Plate Cloth Designs

  • Poly Press PDF
  • Replacement Press Cloths

Ancillary Support Equipment

  • Storage & Mixing Tanks PDF

HilcoLabs–Analytical Support

Testing Services

  • Particle Count Analysis
  • Water & Sediment
  • Gravimetric Analysis
  • Karl Fisher Moisture Content
  • Total Acid Number
  • Brookfield/Saybolt Viscosity
  • Varnish Potential

Parker Process Advanced Filtration

Parker Process Advanced Filtration

With the acquisition of Domnick Hunter (PTI Technologies) Parker Process Advanced Filtration offers a full line of high purity filter cartridges, disposable capsules and housings for sanitary, sterile and ultra-clean processes to serve the food & beverage, cosmetics, biopharm, microelectronics and specialty chemicals industries. Finite Filter Division offers a complete line of compressed air filters, regulators and coalescers.

Parker Process Advanced Filtration Introduction

Overview of Industries and Products

  • Process Advanced Filtration Capabilities PDF

High Purity, Micro & Macro Filtration by Industry

MicroElectronics Industry

  • MicroElectronics Product Line Overview PDF
  • All Fluoropolymer Cartridges & Capsules
  • PTFE Membrane Cartridges & Capsules
  • PES Membrane Cartridges & Capsules
  • Polypropylene Membrane Cartridges
  • Polypropylene Pleated Depth Cartridges & Capsules
  • All Fluoropolymer Filter Housings
  • Natural Polypropylene Filter Housings

Food & Beverage Industry

  • Food & Beverage Product Line Overview PDF
  • PES Membrane Cartridges & Capsules
  • PTFE Membrane Cartridges & Capsules
  • Polypropylene Pleated Depth Cartridges & Capsules
  • Stringwound Cartridges
  • Meltblown Cartridges
  • Cleanable Metal Cartridges
  • Bag Filters
  • Industrial Filter Housings
  • Industrial/Sanitary Filter Housings
  • Full Sanitary Filter Housings

General Chemical & Manufacturing Industries

  • Industrial Product Line Overview PDF
  • Pleated Membrane Cartridges
  • Pleated Depth Media Cartridges
  • Large Diameter Pleated Cartridges
  • Stringwound Cartridges
  • Meltblown Cartridges
  • Resin Bonded Cartridges
  • Sorbent Cartridges
  • Bag Filters
  • Cleanable Metal Cartridges
  • Cartridge Filter Housings
  • Bag Filter Housings

The Strainrite Companies


Manufactures a complete line of liquid bag & cartridge filters and housings for industrial and critical process service.  The Strainrite brand of filter bags and housings offer a broad range of filter media including mesh, felt, microfiber, and resin bonded materials.  The Clarity™ brand of high performance pleated cartridges and capsules offer a variety of depth and membrane media in a wide range of sizes to fit most manufacturers housings.

Liquid Bag Filtration

Replacement Filter Bags

  • Filter Bag Overview PDF
  • Sewn & Welded Felt
  • Sewn Mesh
  • High Efficient
  • Multi-Layered
  • High Viscosity Resin Bonded
  • High Temperature
  • Fillable Carbon Ready
  • Extended Life
  • Oil Sorbent

Bag Filter Housings

  • Filter Housing Overview PDF
  • Non-Code
  • ASME Code
  • Carbon Steel & Stainless Steel
  • Mini, Single & Multi-Bag
  • Industrial Design
  • Industrial Sanitary Design
  • Full Sanitary Design
  • Economy Scale
  • Simplex, Duplex, Multiplex, Stationary & Portable Platforms

Clarity Brand Liquid Cartridge Filtration

Replacement High Purity Cartridges

  • High Purity Filter Cartridge Overview PDF
  • PS, PES, PTFE & Nylon Membranes
  • Polypropylene Micro & Nano Fiber Depth
  • Borosilicate Fiberglass Depth
  • Serial Layered
  • Industry Specific Grades
  • Disposable Capsule Devices

Replacement Industrial Cartridges

  • Polypropylene MicroFiber Depth
  • Borosilicate Fiberglass Depth
  • High Viscosity Pleated Resin Bonded
  • Large Platform Cartridge Overview PDF
  • Large Diameter, Forward Flow
  • Large Diameter, Reverse Flow

Cartridge Filter Housings

  • Non-Code
  • ASME Code
  • Carbon Steel & Stainless Steel
  • Single & Multi-Cartridge
  • Industrial Design
  • Industrial Sanitary Design
  • Full Sanitary Design
  • Economy Scale

Additional Manufacturers Represented

American Filtration Technologies
  • Industrial Filter Cartridges PDF

Amiad Water Systems
  • Automatic and Self-Cleaning Filters and Strainers PDF

  • Electrostatic Varnish Removal Systems PDF

Baldwin Filters
  • Off-Highway & Mobile Equipment Filtration PDF

  • Breathers & Industrial Work Fluids Handling PDF

Filtration Systems Inc
  • Economical Industrial Filter Elements PDF

GE Water
  • Depth Filter Cartridges PDF
  • RO Membranes & Systems PDF

  • Compressor Air/Oil Separators PDF

  • Compressed Air & Gas Filter PDF

Quality Filters
  • Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning Filters PDF

Seebach Filtration USA
  • Cleanable Sintered Metal Filters & Systems PDF

  • Filtration for Equipment and Environment Protection PDF

  • Hydraulic Circuit Filtration PDF

United Filters
  • Stringwound and Economical Pleated Cartridges PDF